IVALDA Lodge of Instruction No 292

Making Great Men Better


Help Maintain Excellence

Your Lodge of Instruction financially exists only through the generosity of your Lodge.

By donating at least $50.00 your lodge can ensure that your Lodge of Instruction remains open and financially viable, is able to continue to sponsor Ceremonial Workshops, can assist your brethren in making daily advancements in their masonic development.

We thank those Lodges who have already donated for their generous support.

Donations can be made by cheque to the Ivalda Lodge of Instruction (sent to the Secretary) or by Bank transfer. Please contact our Secretary for Bank Details.

Please indicate the Lodge and/or Brother from where the donation originates.

We'd like to thank the Fairfield Lodge for assisting by hosting this site.
Fairfield Lodge normally meets at the IVALDA Masonic Centre
on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, except for January.
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